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I am 54yo, MSc(Dist) and BSc in Computer Science, German and working as a Senior Server Engineer for the NHS Lothian. I am responsible for the patient management system, called TrakCare. I am a UNIX/Linux guy, working in this sector for more than 20 years now. I am also interested in robotics, microprocessors, system monitoring, Home automation and programming.

LVM: Howto increase the size of a filesystem on-the-fly

Oops, that is not good /dev/mapper/database_vg-db_vol 690G 655G 12K 100% <the SHADOW database filesystem> This happened at 4am. What can you do in case that this happens to you? Praying is always a solution. The better solution is checking your … Continue reading

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Copy large files between servers

If you have to copy large files between systems and security is not an issue you could use netcat. Netcat is a tool that has been developed in 1996 but it is still one of the best tools for this … Continue reading

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Conditions in BASH scripts Pt. 1

This is just a reminder for myself. Usually I have to look this up in Google whenever I want to use it Check if string A contains string B: if [[ $A == *"$B"* ]] then echo We have a … Continue reading

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resize2fs: Bad magic number in super-block while trying to open ….

… or how to resize a file system on CentOS 7. Due to moving my home partition to a new disk I gained some space back from the logical volume home. After deleting it I thought that it would be … Continue reading

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