How to start this?

This isn’t the first blog I am writing on, but this is different, because it is my blog. Now, that I am almost 50, I need a medium to store information to. I will use this blog to same usefull facts, sources and howto’s.

About Juergen Caris

I am 54yo, MSc(Dist) and BSc in Computer Science, German and working as a Senior Server Engineer for the NHS Lothian. I am responsible for the patient management system, called TrakCare. I am a UNIX/Linux guy, working in this sector for more than 20 years now. I am also interested in robotics, microprocessors, system monitoring, Home automation and programming.
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One Response to How to start this?

  1. Les Hacket says:

    So your domain finally showed up then? :-)

    Looking foward to the comments on God, the universe and everything I must admit!

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