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I am 54yo, MSc(Dist) and BSc in Computer Science, German and working as a Senior Server Engineer for the NHS Lothian. I am responsible for the patient management system, called TrakCare. I am a UNIX/Linux guy, working in this sector for more than 20 years now. I am also interested in robotics, microprocessors, system monitoring, Home automation and programming.

Use the ATOM editor behind a proxy on Windows 10

I came across this public domain editor and decided to install it to use it for uploading firmware to my SONOFF devices (TUTORIAL: Install Sonoff-Tasmota Firmware on your Sonoff Device). Unfortunately I wasn’t able to download packages for it because … Continue reading

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How to strip a certain number of Bytes from the end of a file in bash

To crop the last n Bytes from a file you can use the truncate command. [u_r_the_man@TESTBOX ~]$ truncate –size=-n <filename>Where n represents the number of Bytes to cut from the end of <filename>. The advantage is that the command will … Continue reading

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Execute multible commands on a remote machine using SSH

To execute a number of commands on a remote machine you can create a file that contains the commands that you want to execute. This file can then be ‘cat’ed to your ssh command. I wrote one command file to … Continue reading

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Send output of a bash script to the console and to a file

Sometimes it is necessary to send the output of a script to different targets. If you want to send the output to a text but want to be able to see it on the console as well you can use … Continue reading

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