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LVM: Howto increase the size of a filesystem on-the-fly

Oops, that is not good 🙁 /dev/mapper/database_vg-db_vol 690G 655G 12K 100% <the SHADOW database filesystem> This happened at 4am. What can you do in case that this happens to you? Praying is always a solution. The better solution is checking … Continue reading

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Get rid of the Apache pass phrase request for a RSA certificate

Ever seen this when you try to start Apache with SSL support for the first time? Apache/2.2.15 mod_ssl/2.2.15 (Pass Phrase Dialog) Some of your private key files are encrypted for security reasons. In order to read them you have to … Continue reading

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RoundCube not showing HTML email in preview

I think you know the problem in following somebody’s ‘Howto’ install a combination of different packages to make it work together. I did it the other day to set up a shiny new email solution. So I installed Postfix, Devecot, … Continue reading

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Problems in writing to a Windows share from Linux

Everybody knows that Windows is not the best OS to work with. The other day I faced a problem, where I thought Windows is responsible for. We created a share on a MSSQL server and made it writeable for an … Continue reading

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