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Problems installing Google Drive on Windows7

Today I discovered a problem when I tried to install the Google Drive client on my workstation at work. We are sitting behind an ISA proxy and so from time to time, we have problems to access services like SkyDrive … Continue reading

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Find out what files are locked by a process

If you ever copied some bigger files from one file system to another, you came to the point, that you would like to know what file the copy routine is currently processing. In this case I like to use lsof … Continue reading

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Nagios NRPE Error: Service check command … not defined …

After installing NRPE on a cluster I saw this error although the service, check_cups in that case, could be executed locally. Other NRPE checks could be executed remotely without errors. After checking the nrpe.cfg file in /etc/nagios I saw the … Continue reading

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