Howto install gallery3 on centos6

Today I installed gallery3. I was looking for an easy way to share some pictures on my webserver and found this tool on the internet. The installation was not as easy as expected:

  1. download the .zip file.
  2. extract it to a location in your apache’s DocumentRoot
  3. ‘chown’ the whole folder to apache:apache or whatever user:group your apache runs under.
  4. create a folder var in your gallery3 folder
  5. write a .conf file for your virtual host and point to the gallery3 folder.
  6. Open the new URL in your webserver and be surprised that you see nothing 🙁
    problem was a missing switch in my php.ini => short_open_tag = On and a missing php extension mbstring. Editing the php.ini in /etc and a yum install -y php-mbstring did the job.
  7. Now I was able to open the webpage in my browser and could configure my user credentials and my database connection.
  8. when I tried to change data in the advanced settings I saw an error message, regarding the missing json extension in php 🙁
    I googled for help and somebody adviced to update php, by using yum update "*php*" and guess what? Nothing happened. So I tried to skip over to the next step, by executing pecl install json, just to be disappointed again. What I saw was Cannot find config.m4.. Mhhh what next? After googling again and reading loads of the ‘I wannabe a geek’ comments like “have you tried to uninstall bla bla bla” or “try to install …..” I found the solution. Just download the json tar file from here, unpack it to a folder, move into that folder and execute phpize.
  9. The next problem was a missing programm ffmpeg that is responsible for the video upload.
  10. Now that everything has been installed it should work…. but wait… I didn’t. I created a new album and could see it, but wasn’t able to upload pictures into it, because the flash uploader showed an error #2038 (some IO crap). I increased the upload_max_filesize to 1024M, but no success.
  11. Really stressed and disappointed I then decided to install the ‘server add’ module, copied my files to the shared location and imported the with ‘server add’ and it worked.

Job done

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I am 54yo, MSc(Dist) and BSc in Computer Science, German and working as a Senior Server Engineer for the NHS Lothian. I am responsible for the patient management system, called TrakCare. I am a UNIX/Linux guy, working in this sector for more than 20 years now. I am also interested in robotics, microprocessors, system monitoring, Home automation and programming.
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